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-- Management Science, 2020, 66(5): 2083-2098

Using the healthcare industry as a novel laboratory, I study whether a firm's use of debt enhances its bargaining power during negotiations with non-financial stakeholders. I find that reimbursement rates negotiated between a hospital and insurers for two homogeneous procedures are higher when the hospital has more debt. This relation is stronger among hospitals with less bargaining power relative to insurers ex ante. I provide direct evidence that debt improves a firm's bargaining outcomes.

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This is a summary of the issues discussed and presented at the 2013 Investment Strategy Summit for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global. The emphasis of the summit was responsible investing with a special emphasis on ways to strengthen the Fund’s work on responsible investment. The summit brought together experts (both practitioners and academics) and discussed ethical issues, financial performance, and activist investors in the context of social, environmental, and governance concerns.